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How to Create a Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

With their airy silhouettes, warm organic materials, and elegant simplicity, it’s easy to see why mid-century modern aesthetics remain as popular today as they were during their inception. The minimal, functional style feels incredibly grounding and calming, especially during a time when so many of us are stressed and overworked.

But knowing that you love the look of a mid-century interior and actually executing it are two very different things. Below, we cover several simple ways to integrate elements of this timeless style into any aesthetic.

Consider Your Colors

If you don’t want to invest in brand new mid-century furniture, then you can still get the modernist vibe by updating your color palette with mid-century-inspired hues. Incorporating retro colors like burnt orange, blush pink, earthy green, and goldenrod yellow are great ways to infuse your look with a hint of mid-century flair. You can do this in a big way, by painting your walls, or opt for smaller accents, like rugs and throw pillows.

Use Shapes and Silhouettes

Compelling shapes and airy silhouettes are among the defining characteristics of a mid-century aesthetic. To create a look full of visual intrigue, consider combining different shapes, like a sumptuously curvy couch with the geometric lines of a sunburst light fixture, like the Clyde 9-Light Pendant. Mixing hard and soft lines is an easy way to add plenty of interest without the need for excess decor.

Illuminate Your Style

Speaking of lighting, it’s a no-fail way to help cultivate mid-century style in a functional and unobtrusive manner. Consider adding lights with bold lines and shapes, such as the Carter 8-Light Chandelier. The Imperium is another stellar option that features a sleek, minimal silhouette while emitting beautiful, geometric light patterns on the ceiling.

Focus on Function

Functionality is a key tenet of mid-century style as the aesthetic prioritizes easing the flow of everyday life through thoughtful, functional design elements. Therefore, pieces that combine form and function are ideal for these spaces, such as sophisticated coffee tables with hidden storage and decorative baskets that hold seasonal items, like throw blankets.

Make it Minimal

Again, mid-century style was and is all about prioritizing function over ornamentation, creating spaces that are minimal, airy, and organized. So if you want to achieve this look, then a great place to start is by decluttering and organizing your space. But rather than overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle your entire home at once, just stick to one small area each day, like a closet or drawer, which should minimize overwhelm and give you plenty of motivation to keep going.

Integrate Organic Materials

While mid-century style is often quite minimal, it still manages to be warm and inviting, thanks in large part to the style’s use of organic materials. Consider adding furniture and functional decor comprised of materials like wood, stone, and ceramic to infuse your space with welcoming warmth without sacrificing its pared-back style. Even better if you opt for pieces made by craftspeople since modernist aesthetics favor craft and attention to detail over mass-market appeal.

Clyde 9-light Pendant
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