How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Spring is in full swing, which means that in addition to enjoying warmer, longer days and beautiful, blooming flowers, many of us are looking for ways to refresh our homes for a new season. Home updates can come in many forms, from simply swapping out your throw pillows and blankets to completely transforming your interior—what works best really depends on your preferences and the amount of time you’re willing to commit to it.

Start Decluttering

Regardless of your priorities, a great first step to rejuvenating any interior is getting rid of clutter. “Spring cleaning” is a term for a reason—the season of new life lends itself perfectly to getting rid of those things that no longer serve us, like old papers, defunct cords, and knick-knacks that collect dust more than they bring us joy.

To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, just pick one small area of your home at a time, like a closet or even a drawer, and spend a little bit of time getting rid of items that don’t make sense for your household anymore. A great tool to assist with this process is a set of three boxes with “Keep,” “Trash,” and “Donate” written on them. This way, you’ll have a place to put these items immediately that you can address at a later time.

Update Neglected Spaces

After decluttering, spend some time looking around your space with an eye for what might look a little stale or outdated. Oftentimes, we focus much of our attention on the aesthetics of areas that we spend the most time in, like the living room and kitchen, which can lead to other rooms, such as bathrooms, becoming neglected aesthetically.

If your bathroom could use a little more love on the aesthetic front, then there are a few easy changes you can make to instantly update it. For instance, incorporating new, modern light fixtures, like the Essence Bar Vanity Light, is a simple way to completely revive and modernize this space. Similarly, new, sleek hardware will give your bathroom a more polished, updated appearance.

Formal dining rooms also have a tendency to be neglected aesthetically as many of us don’t spend as much time in there as we do in other spaces in the home. If you find that your dining room is feeling a bit outdated, then consider adding a new light fixture, like the Clyde Pendant Light or the Imperium Chandelier. You can also give the space a new look by adding different artwork to the walls, new plants in the windows, and/or a fun table runner.

Rearrange Your Furniture

In addition to bringing in new fixtures, hardware, and other pieces of decor, you can also give your space a new look simply by rearranging what you already have.

Your furniture arrangement plays a big part in the overall appearance and utility of your space. If there’s an area in a room or a piece of furniture that seems underutilized, it might be because your furniture arrangement isn’t as inviting as it could be. Ideally, your furniture should be arranged in such a way that it facilitates the flow of everyday living by not obstructing any main pathways while promoting congregation and discussion among loved ones.

But even if there’s nothing functionally wrong with your furniture arrangement as it is, switching things up can still give a room new life, particularly if you move bigger pieces of furniture, like sofas and armchairs.

Whether you apply one or all of the aforementioned spring updates, you can bet you and your home will be happier for it. 

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