Choosing the right colour temperature

From visual appeal to your mood, the colour temperature chosen for an interior lighting has a great affect over the feel and perception of a space. Here’s a brief guide on how to choose the right color temperature to create a comfortable and inviting setting for your home. 

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What is Colour Temperature?

Colour temperature is the appearance of light emitted from a fixture in varying hues of whites and is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) scale from 1,000 to 10,000.

If you’ve ever worked with photography, then you may already be familiar as lighting is often categorized in warm and cool tones. For example, light at 2000K-2500K can appear more orange and yellow (called ultra warm white) and is a nice accent to use as decorative lighting for a vintage feel. As the temperature increases in Kelvins, light become whiter at around 3000K making natural light. Any luminance above 4000k becomes a blue-ish, cool white. st the warmth of the white with a simple switch on the fixture.

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In residential lighting application, here are the generic Kelvin ranges to remember when shopping for lighting fixtures:

  • Warm white is used as ambient lighting, and typically measures between 2,000K-3,000K on the scale. It creates an ultra-warm luminance that is typically used as decorative light.
  • Neutral white, also referred to as daylight, maintains a balanced appearance, measuring between 3,000K-4,000K on the scale.
  • Cool white, white light is crisp and clear, is often used as task lighting and measures between 4,000K-6,500K on the scale.

As a leader in its industry, Artika understands the importance of flexibility in the choice of color temperature. Many of its new products feature the capacity to adjust the warmth of the white with a simple switch on the fixture.

For example, the Bloom Integrated LED Flush Mount allows you to set any mood by adjusting the temperature from cold white to warm white.

How does the Colour Temperature affect the mood?

Like the weather, light therapy studies have found that the type of lighting can affect an individual’s mood as different intensities of light can cause a person’s body to release different types of hormones. Warm lighting influences a bigger boost of melatonin on the body, which causes to feel more relax and comfy. Lower Kelvin values, also referred as ambiance lighting, tend to create comfortable living spaces by creating a charming atmosphere.

In opposition, cooler colour temperatures trigger the release of Serotonin which tend to increase productivity and energy level. This cooler temperature light is also called task lighting as it makes it easier to focus on completing tasks. Task lighting uses LED light bulbs, which are less aggressive on our retinas and are more energy-efficient, leading to less energy consumption and reduced costs.

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Choosing the Right Colour Temperature for Your Home

From lifestyle habits to the interior characteristics of your home, it’s important to take into consideration different elements before choosing a temperature that works for you. Some people will prefer all their fixtures to be the same colour temperature for an overall match with their home style. Neutral to cooler lighting works best for modern-style homes, whereas warmer lighting works for traditional homes. On the other side, some people prefer adapting each room to its purpose.

Colour temperature can vary depending on the room, though most homes will follow a similar theme to create an appropriate and fitting ambiance:

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Warm White
You want to choose warm white in rooms where you want a soothing atmosphere that will allow you to relax like in the bedroom or in the living room. Installing a dimmer will help creating the perfect inviting and cozy environment.

Vivian LED Flush Mount is the perfect example of a bold statement piece with a relaxing hue.

Cool white
Cooler tones are recommended in rooms where you want to be productive such as the bathroom or the office. Referred as ''Daylight'' higher Kelvins will bring energy to it's environment.

The Glamour Integrated LED Vanity Light is a great choice for a bathroom with it's selectable CCT feature and it's eye-catching clear diffuser with glass crystals.

Neutral White
Neutral light will be a great complement to any room that features many colors or textures. In opposite to warm or cool tones, neutral lighting will accentuate its environment and not mute certain colors. It can be a great choice in a kitchen or in an open space environment.

Optical LED pendant suits any home décor. It is available in 3 finishes and gives the flexibility of 3 CCT options.

Get Started with Colour Temperature

Determining the right colour temperature for your home can require a lot of thought, with lighting being a final touch to creating a comfortable space and setting. Artika has though it out and offers a wide range of products that let you select the right colour temperature within the same light fixture. Never underestimate the power of lighting in a home décor, as it is what holds all the other elements together. 

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