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How to Set the Right Mood with Smart Lighting

Before smart technology reached home lighting, setting the right mood using light was both challenging and limited. For one thing, typical lighting can only be dimmed manually - but rarely can they be programmed to respond to the time of day or to change colour on command.

There’s no longer any need to walk over to your light switches or to clap your hands to set the right mood. With smart lighting, you can adjust your home’s lighting straight from your mobile device by changing the colour temperature, brightness, and even the colour. You can see why smart lighting is such a popular and hassle-free solution when it comes to setting the right mood in your home. 

This article covers everything you need to know about Artika Smart. Let’s get started! 

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Know When to Make Use of Cold & Warm Lighting

Many homeowners have to make the choice between warm or cold lighting for various parts of their home. However, when you install ceiling lights like the Pluto Artika Smart LED Ceiling Light, you can easily select the colour temperature of your lighting, based on your needs. With a smart light like this, you can have cold or warm lighting whenever you wish - and all this is controlled straight from your mobile device or programmed automatically!

Why is this important? Well, as you may have experienced for yourself, our circadian rhythms respond to the colour temperature of light very differently. Warm lighting is better for promoting relaxation, while cool lighting can help make us feel energetic and productive.

So, if you’re at home and trying to catch up on some work, your ceiling lights can be set to a cooler temperature to keep you alert and once it’s time to wind down, you won’t need to walk over to any switch - simply grab your smartphone and switch over to warm lighting. Your smart lighting can also be programmed with a timer so that you won’t need to do anything at all.

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Use The Variable Brightness To Your Advantage

We’re all familiar with dimmer switches and how helpful they can be at setting the right mood at different times of day. With smart lighting, you can say goodbye to needing to install one in your home! All you need is your mobile phone or tablet in order to adjust the brightness of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or wherever you’ve installed these lights. 

You also have the option of programming the brightness of the light based on the time of day or weather. This feature is available in advanced smart lighting fixtures like the Pluto Artika Smart LED Ceiling Light

But, why does brightness matter so much? Well, first of all, it can help save on your electricity costs - after all, light doesn’t need to be bright all the time. More importantly though, bright lighting can help boost your mood and energy levels when needed. So with just a tap on your phone, you can have the lighting you need to beat the blues and to be more productive while at home. It also works the other way. If you need to wind down, having the brightness turned down can absolutely help.

Galaxy LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Employ The Power of Colour Psychology

Colour psychology has been around for many years and we experience its theories on a daily basis. For instance, brands choose their colours deliberately, to evoke a certain emotion through their logo and brand colours. Have you ever chosen a brand because you just had a gut feeling that they were more trustworthy or creative? It could be because of colour psychology! And out in nature, aren’t we all reinvigorated by the sight of lush green and calmed by the site of soft blue? 

So yes, colour can definitely influence how we feel. And with smart lighting, you can make colour psychology work for you - with the use of coloured lights. With an advanced smart lighting fixture like the Galaxy LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker, you can select or program the colour of your light straight from your mobile device. Have hues to help you relax, get creative, undergo colour therapy, or even set the mood for a party. 

Music coming from your smart light fixture

Let Music Work With the Light

With music coming from your smart light fixture, like the Galaxy LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker, you get two main advantages. First of all, since sound travels downward, a speaker coming from above can more efficiently play music into a room. Secondly, the light can sync up to the music which absolutely upgrades the experience. It can be a fun party at your house with various colours syncing to the music. Or it can also be a well-paired audio and light colour to create a relaxing atmosphere (e.g. the sound of the sea paired with aquamarine lighting). Imagine all the things you can do with music and light working together. You can create any ambience you wish. 

Where Can I Get Smart Lighting For My Home?

And there you have it - our tips on setting the right mood using smart lighting!

Get long-lasting smart lighting that’s also equipped with all the best features. Here at Artika, we believe in constant innovation. This enables us to offer our customers nothing but the best.

We pay close attention to the subtle needs of the modern homeowner.  Our top-notch smart lighting solutions can be easily adjusted and programmed to set the right mood in every area of your home. And whatever time of day it may be, the simple and clean design of these lights will blend perfectly with your modern contemporary home design. 

With smart lighting, we can give your home subtle upgrades that make big differences. Head over to this page to view our smart lighting solutions that are available right now. You can also send us any questions you may have by clicking the chat icon on our website.

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