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Kitchen renovations are a perfect time to purchase new pendant lights for your kitchen island and dining room. Artika pendant lights come in a variety of styles ranging from mid-century modern pendant lighting to glam. With the option of LED or a pendant with light bulbs, you're sure to find the light fixture that will be a focal point for your space.

Our pendant lights offer a range of modern and contemporary light fixtures that come in a variety of styles and finishes. A pendant fixture provides a little lighting but can give a lot of personality to a space. Pendant lighting is normally not the only lighting in a room but is often paired with other light fixtures to complement and enhance the space it is in. Oftentimes you can find pendant lighting fixtures in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, but because these types of light fixtures are so versatile, their designs are fashion-forward and functional, so they can be used almost anywhere. When choosing a pendant light fixture you must take into consideration the space it is going into. Begin by properly measuring out the space's height, width, diameter, hanging length and also the weight of the pendant light. Once you have determined the measurements of the space you can then decide which light fixture will suit that space the best. Modern pendant lighting is attractive and is more popular than classic-style lighting fixtures. Pendant lights most often use a bowl, cone or bell to focus lighting on a defined area of space. Contact one of our pendant lighting experts to help you decide what pairing of lights will work best for your space.
Clyde 9-light Pendant
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