Artika: the reference for today's home

Artika shines bright in over 20 countries. Our products, unique designs and capacity to innovate keep pushing back the limits. We have become a staple in home products, thanks to our lighting, plumbing and climate control solutions that reinvent your home decor and simplify your daily life.

Innovative and accessible products

By combining quality and accessibility, Artika offers a varied range of lighting fixtures, sinks and ultra-modern Artika Smart connected home products. Enjoy products that boast an innovative and contemporary design and that are fully adaptable to all daily realities. We provide a wide array of durable, versatile and timeless styles that are designed for all types of living spaces.

At the cutting edge of technology

Thanks to Artika Smart, you can simplify all of your lighting projects. This technology perfectly represents Artika's capacity to provide you with practical lighting fixtures that fit your daily life. Compatible with most vocal assistants, Artika Smart is the logical outcome of many years of innovation.

The desire to always go further

Artika constantly strives to provide you with exceptional, stylish and affordable home products. You can thereby enjoy an unmatched and accessible level of quality. Our durable products are designed using the best materials and most advanced fabrication methods. Our concern for perfection guides all of our creations.

Among the best-managed companies

We first started out as a manufacturer of candles and varied decorative objects in 2004. We have since diversified our activities and switched our focus to lighting fixtures and other high-quality home products, simultaneously managing to establish ourselves amidst the best-managed companies in Canada. Our efficient, durable and inventive home solutions have transformed us into a key player on the international scene. And our success is far from fading as we continue to expand the Artika brand in several countries and constantly diversify our range of products.

A new warehouse to fit artika's growth

To effectively support our growth, we are now located in a new building with a warehouse that allows us to centralize our operations and provide our employees with offices better suited to our needs. This new step for Artika allows us, among other things, to improve our efficiency with our retailers and to guarantee our customers an unparalleled experience and service.

Clyde 9-light Pendant
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